Outsourcing in the early stages of your business can help to reduce costs

By maintaining variable costs, rather than fixed costs associated with employees, much needed capital can be invested into more important areas of your business. For small businesses, payroll costs are often the biggest expense and initial resources can be quickly consumed.

For those entrepreneurs who have long realised that a supporting team is essential to success, outsourcing is the natural solution; eliminating staffing costs, reducing risk and controlling capital expenditure, with the ability to have virtual partners to hand to meet administration, payroll, accounting, sales and marketing needs.

Your business profile could be enhanced with the impression that you trade from business premises, rather than your home; that your phones are answered by a receptionist, rather than your mobile automated message; a work-life balance can be achieved by outsourcing tasks that are neither your area of expertise or cost effective to you.

Chameleonpa can help you with the provision of serviced offices, registered office, telephone call answering, business administration support services, sales and marketing supporting, social media management.

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