Freelance Business Consultants Shape a Better Business with Outsourcing

As small business owners, freelance consultants and entrepreneurs, by our very nature, it would be fair to say that most of us are control freaks; believing that only we can do the work effectively and efficiently.  But in my experience, it isn’t until you let go, start delegating and outsource to help you carry the workload that you will see your business grow to its full potential.


Whilst in the early days of our businesses we may have had the time to pour over paperwork, social media connections, data management, invoicing and endless telephone calls, it may not have been the best use of our time. 

  Now, as your business has grown, you may be frazzled at the edges, trying to keep up?
What if you outsourced those tasks at much lower rates, and your expertise and time was better spent doing that which you do best?
Perhaps the best time to outsource on a small scale is at the beginning of your business; start with the basics, a virtual assistant, web and IT consultant and perhaps a bookkeeper.  Your small investment into these services will be rewarded by giving you back the time that you need to develop and effectively market yourself and your business.
As established business owners, now would also be a good time to exploit the growing market in virtual assistance. 
Whether you wish to regain your work-life balance, or concentrate on expansion and growth, call Chameleonpa to discuss how we can assist you on your journey.

Who says you can’t buy time!