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"We have been delighted with the performance of Chameleon. They have coped with some very highly emotionally charged clients in the middle of family mediation in a sensitive way. The team is efficient and user friendly, adapting to any number of situations as required. We have found it very useful to be able to respond to an enquiry by asking Chameleon to phone a client or prospective client back with a message if I have been unable to deal with the call. The service is very efficient. We are immediately sent an email giving us the details of the client and/or new enquiry. If the situation is urgent they will also phone us on our mobiles. They offer a very cost efficient service and by outsourcing this aspect of our business we have saved on staffing costs. In addition because the client speaks to someone rather than having to leave a message we believe that this aspect has enabled us to grow the business by converting enquires into cases.
Well done Chameleon!
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